Visalus Weight Loss and Energy Products

With the sheer number of hyped up weight loss products out in the market, it’s easy to become disillusioned and think that there really isn’t a product that works to deliver what it promises. If there’s one product line that can change the way you look at weight loss products, it’s probably Visalus. Visalus is a relatively new company, which was founded in 2005 and operates under a multi-level marketing framework of distribution. The company distributes a line of weight loss products, health supplements, and energy drinks but they are best known for their weight loss and weight management kits. Popularized by celebrities, Visalus has succeeded in what other companies failed to do and that is, to provide an effective product line for real weight loss and appetite management.

The Visalus Product Line: From Weight Loss to Energy Drinks

Weight Loss and Management

Since Visalus focuses primarily on weight loss products, they offer a complete line of weight loss and weight management products that work hand-in-hand to deliver maximum weight loss results. Their products include the Vi-Shape Shake, which works as a meal replacement shake. It is high in protein, calcium, digestive enzymes, and all the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs to function properly. If you want to add some flavor into your Vi-Shape shake, you can purchase the Shape Up Health flavor mix-ins, which comes in strawberry, banana, orange, chocolate, and peach.

To boost up your body’s metabolism, you can try the Vi-Slim metabolism boosting tablets. It works by speeding up your body’s metabolic rate to allow you to shave off those unwanted pounds. The great thing is, these pills are made of natural ingredients and they are caffeine-free so you don’t have to worry about harmful side effects. Pair up your metabolism boosting tablets with a pack of Vi-Trim Clear Control Drink Mix, which helps curb your hunger and limit your cravings for foods that are high in fat and sugar. With these products, you no longer have to worry about having to constantly count calories or be stressed out by unrealistic diets that only make you want to give up in frustration. What Visalus offers is a complete set of weight management products to help you attain the weight and body you’ve always wanted.


If you need that extra boost of energy for exercise or for a long day at work, you no longer have to turn to caffeine and worry about crashing when you get home, as Visalus offers healthy energy drinks to give you that boost of energy you need. Visalus Go Instant Energy comes in a fresh grape flavor to make it easy to gulp down. It is made from whole grape extract, Rhodiola, and Cassis pigment to increase your body’s energy and stamina.

You can also try Visalus Pro, which helps promote muscle energy and it also helps boost up your stamina and endurance for long workouts and heavy exercises. It is made from Apple extract, Resveratrol, and Citrulline Malate to give you the energy you need without the harmful side effects.

Health Supplements

Other products include Visalus Neuro, which helps with brain function and contains a wide-range of B Vitamins to promote health and increase stamina; Vimmunity, a dietary supplement to boost your body’s immune system; and the Vi-Pak Advanced Anti-aging and Health System to help you look and stay young inside and out.

Visalus also offers Nutra-Cookie, a meal replacement supplement that comes in cookie form. For those days when you just want to enjoy a plateful of sweet cookies, you can turn to this product to satisfy your cravings. It has protein fruit fiber, and about 2.2 servings worth of vegetables to help you stay healthy and well nourished even while on a diet.


If you don’t want to purchase each product individually, Visalus also offers Challenge kits, which come with just about everything you need. They currently have five kits that include: Athletic Performance Fit Kit, Maximum Weight Loss Transformation Kit, Condition Your Body Core Kit, Shape Up Kit, and the Get Healthy Balance Kit. 

Whether you want to lose weight, maintain your current body weight and shape, or you want to stay fit and healthy, Visalus has something for you. The key to losing weight and staying fit is not only by eating right and eating healthy but also by leading an active lifestyle, which is why Visalus offers healthy and effective energy drinks to give you the energy and physical stamina and endurance for exercise.

Visalus products are available through a team of independent consultants. You can purchase their products by contacting a consultant near you or by attending a challenge party nearby. The reason why Visalus has become so successful is because they know exactly what to offer their customers and they deliver realistic weight loss results. They also recommend weight loss programs that are sustainable and completely attainable.

What is Visalus?