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The weight loss industry is perhaps one of the most lucrative industries today. There will always be a market for weight loss and weight management products. While people desire to lose weight for varying reasons, they will always turn to weight loss products to speed up the process or to make it easier. Weight loss products are a dime a dozen but unfortunately, only a few of these products work as well as they claim. Visalus is one such brand that offers weight loss products that are not only safe but 100% effective for weight loss and weight management. The company does not only offer a line of products that are superior to others in the market but they also offer a lucrative business opportunity for those who want to start their own direct sales venture. Now, you might be wondering why you should choose Visalus over other equally lucrative opportunities out there? The answer lies in the product line and the compensation plan. Not only does Visalus offer products that have been proven to be effective but celebrities also endorse their products so you won’t have to worry about brand recognition. Plus, you’ll be doing everyone in your network a favor by endorsing and marketing a line of weight loss products that actually work. By becoming a sales associate for Visalus, you are making these products become more accessible for those who are in need of them.

How to Become a Visalus Business Associate

Joining Visalus as an independent consultant is fast, simple, and easy. You simply have to sign up with an existing consultant and purchase a starter kit. Once you have received your starter kit, you are all set for a life of opportunities and rewards. As a Visalus associate, you can manage your own time and schedule. You are also given the freedom to choose how to market and sell your products. Whether you are more comfortable with direct marketing and selling, with home parties, or online, you can choose the method of selling that appeals to you the most. As a Visalus associate, you can also sponsor new associates into your team and earn some residual income every month.  Visalus offers a very lucrative opportunity and since it is open to anyone interested, there are no limits to how much you can achieve once you become an associate for the company. 

Visalus Starter Kits

When you join Visalus as an associate, you will be given the choice between three different types of starter kits to suit your budget and preferences.

Basic Distributorship Kit

The Basic Distributorship kit is available to new associates for $49. The kit comes with all the business and marketing tools you need to launch your new Visalus venture. It is worth noting, however, that this kit does not come with product samples or inventories. It only comes with the basic tools you need to start your business. If you choose this kit, you will have to order your inventory separately.

Executive Success System

The Executive Success System offers the best value for new associates. This kit comes inclusive of a new associate guide, your own Visalus prosperity card so you can easily access your earnings, a Visalus academy training CD, your own website, marketing tools, $600 worth of Visalus products, 50 taster packs, and 25 starter packs. This kit has a total value of over $1000 but it is offered to new associates for only $499.

The Executive Success System with 30 Additional Sample Packs

This starter kit option is available to new consultants for $999. It comes with products and supplies worth over $2000. It comes with the same contents as the ESS kit except that this one comes with more sample packs to be given away at parties and marketing events so your customers are given an idea of the kind of products that you sell.

In addition to the business tools and sample products, you also get personal training and support when you purchase either the $499 ESS kit or the $999 ESS kit so you’ll know exactly what to do to succeed in your new venture. 

The Visalus Compensation Plan

As a Visalus distributor, you can earn personal sales commission of 10% up to 25%. You can also sponsor new associates and earn up to 5% sponsorship commissions on your downline’s commissionable sales. You can climb up the company’s leadership ladder by continuously reaching your level’s sales goals and meeting the minimum required in active sponsorships. There are six leadership levels: Associate, Director, Regional Director, National Director, Presidential Director, and Ambassador.

There are also tons of bonuses that you can receive. When you reach Regional Director or a higher level, you can receive a monthly car bonus, which you can use to purchase your own BMW and be part of the Visalus Bimmer Club.

At Visalus, you can expect to represent more than just a great product, you can also expect a very lucrative career in direct sales not just when it comes to your monthly earnings but also when it comes to the number of bonuses and recognition you’ll receive each time you get promoted to a new leadership level.

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