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Visalus is a Los Angeles-based direct sales company specializing in weight loss products and nutritional supplements. The company has markets in both the United States and Canada. Initially founded and managed in 2005 by two multi-level marketing executives, Blake Mallen and Nick Sarnicola, the company’s fast success has prompted Blyth Inc. to purchase majority of the shares of Visalus. In 2008, Visalus officially became a subsidiary of Blyth Inc. Visalus founders Sarnicola and Mallen used to work as direct sales executives for the now defunct communications MLM Company, The Free Network. Backed by their experience in multi-level marketing and the direct sales industry, the two were able to start their own successful MLM venture. Visalus experienced much success in the US and in 2010 was able to earn over $30 million in sales, prompting company executives to expand into the Canadian weight loss market, which it had successfully entered in 2011.  Interested direct sales consultants who want to get into the lucrative weight loss industry through a multi-level marketing business model can join Visalus and explore one of the most profitable business opportunities in the industry today.

Products by Visalus

While Visalus’ main product base are weight loss supplements, they also offer a variety of other nutritional products such as vitamin supplements, energy drinks, and meal replacement shakes.

Healthy Kits for a Healthy Lifestyle

For those who are looking for a complete line of weight loss products, Visalus’ product kits are a great option, as they come complete with everything you need and such kits offer great value for money. Visalus offers five types of kits for different purposes. Customers who want to manage their weight can opt for the Maximum Weight Loss Transformation kit, which comes with a large pack of Vi-Shape meal replacement shake; Vi-Slim, which helps speed up the body’s metabolism for faster weight loss; Visalus Neuro, which boosts your body’s stamina and gives you the necessary energy you need throughout the day, it also aids in brain function and health; and Vi-Trim drink mix, which helps reduce your craving for foods that are high in fat and sugar to help you with maximum weight loss. Other kits included in their product line are: the athletic performance kit, the core kit, the shape kit, and the balance kit.

Visalus products can be purchased in sets or individually through a Visalus product distributor near your area.

The Visalus Business Opportunity

Visalus employs a multi-level marketing framework of distribution. All their products are distributed through a team of independent sales consultants who are compensated based on their monthly sales and as well as on the sales of their downline representatives. Anyone can join the company and become a distributor, you just have to sign up through an existing distributor and buy your starter kit to get you started on your Visalus venture.  If you see weight loss as a lucrative business venture for yourself, then you might be interested in joining Visalus. By joining, you can start earning your own income within your own pace and you can manage your own work hours.

Visalus Distributor Starter Kits

Those who are interested in becoming a distributor for Visalus can join the company by buying a starter kit. There are three starter kit options, depending on your initial budget and how big you want your product base to be when you begin. The first option is the basic distributor kit for $49, which is the most basic of all the kit options and comes with everything you need to start a small Visalus venture; the second option is the Executive success system distributor kit for $499, which comes with over $500 worth of products and is perfect for those who want more products in their initial inventory and those who want to earn by hosting other interested distributors into their networks; and finally, the third option is the $999 distributor starter kit, which comes with over 50 sample products alongside the actual products that you would be selling.

Interested distributors who purchase the ESS distributor kit or the $999 kit also get a chance to receive a BMW bonus if they reach the required monthly sales goals to unlock the bonus. In addition, distributors who enroll under this program will also be given adequate training and support to help them achieve success.

Regardless of your budget and business goals, you can find a Visalus starter kit that would best suit your needs and preferences.

Distributor Compensation Plan

Visalus offers a very large income potential for distributors. Product distributors can earn retail sales commissions of 10% up to 25%, depending on their personal volume each month. In addition, you can also earn weekly and monthly bonuses depending on your level and monthly sales volume.

Those who enroll under the Executive Success System program can also earn from hosting other interested distributors. If you have your own network of distributors, you will receive a portion of their commissionable sales. You can earn 5% of team commissions from up to eight levels of downlines when you become a Visalus ambassador.

Visalus Challenge Parties

Visalus challenge parties are fun, exciting, and most of all, profitable! Anyone can host a challenge party but new distributors are encouraged to host a Visalus challenge party within their first seven days as a distributor to jumpstart their business. Hosting a party is simple, just have a date scheduled with a distributor, invite friends and family, and start the fun. At the party, you can promote Visalus products, serve up some Vi-Shape shakes, and entertain questions from your guests. Hosts are equipped with a special DVD, which explains everything your guests need to know about Visalus and its products.

Visalus is a great company to join for both novice and experienced consultants. Since you will already be given a competitive product line to promote, you simply have to learn how to properly advertise your products and the brand, and most importantly, you have to learn how to market yourself as a distributor so you can build a steady network of customers. Promote your products and throw in a few challenge parties here and there and you should be able to see your sales go up in no time.

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